High Impact Communication Skills

Module Description: Learning Outcomes
Detail: A reflection on our own experience with conflict, and then proceed to learn about its causes, impacts, personal style in relating to conflict and stress; and then exploration of a variety of ‘tools’ and ideas to help participants deal more effectively with conflict in both their personal and professional lives. In addition, focus on effective negotiation and presents key ideas such as ‘separating the people from the

problem’, ‘determining interests not positions’,

‘inventing options’, ‘using objective criteria’,

‘developing a BATNA’ (best alternative to a

negotiated agreement), ‘dealing with

resistance’ and ‘the power of a positive no’.

·         Understand how conflict arises in the workplace; and what the impact and costs are of conflict in motivational and financial terms

·         Describe many of the key ideas in the book, ‘Crucial Conversations’ as well as many other practical ‘tools’ for dealing with conflict effectively

·         Understand one’s own conflict style, as and the related strengths and weaknesses of that style

·         Describe the key components of Interest Based Negotiation and the related phases of conducting this type of negotiation

·         Understand several of the key issues that emerge in negotiations and how to handle these issues professionally

·         Develop personalized action plans so as to conduct a “crucial conversation” and an “Interest Based Negotiation