Leading Teams on Change Management Training

We conduct “Leading Teams on Change Management” training for civil services and unionized staff of government agencies and private sector personnel. Find below an overview of our Leadership Certificate training: A five day professional development workshop for CEO, Managers and Elected officials.


Module Description: Learning Outcomes
Detail:  Change is constant; therefore, the ability to understand and to manage change is an essential skill for organizations.

Focus on organizational change management needs and the importance of acquiring the knowledge and tools to implement change effectively.

Exploration of the tools to implement changes effectively and to have those changes better

accepted and ways for understanding and managing people’s reactions to changes.

  • Master strategies for building support for the planned change
  •  Learn how to use WIIFM (the individual motivators for change) effectively
  • Ensuring that people involved and affected by the change understand the process change
  • Understand everybody’s personal change journey
  •  Develop a change management & communications plan Gain methods for leading change project status meetings, how to celebrate a successful change and sharing the results & benefits of the change
  • Master strategies for aligning people with change, appealing to emotions & facts
  • Identifying and agreeing the success indicators for change, and ensure they are regularly measured and reported on.