Managing in an Unionized/Civil Services Environment

We conduct specialized training for civil services and unionized staff of government agencies and private sector personnel. Find below an overview of our Leadership Certificate training: A five day professional development workshop for CEO, Managers and Elected officials.

Module Description: Learning Outcomes
 Detail: This module will look at the Human capital and skills needed by every public sector manager, starting with initial recruitment decisions that respect the collective agreements, current

Human Rights legislation but still allows organizations to hire for fit. Review of recruitment

process, understanding of the nature of compensation and benefits programs, reward and recognition, the creation of positive work environments and how to best address various labour relations issues. Awareness training of the importance of ethics and integrity are also part of an outstanding manager’s responsibilities.

·         Improved leadership skills as they apply to managing in a unionized environment

·         Improve skills in interpreting and understanding various provisions of a collective agreement

·         Understanding of the process by which staff in the public sector become unionized

·         Better understanding on how to motivate and empower staff while managing performance through the process of simple discussion and coaching skills

·         Appreciation of the importance and value of ethics in an organization and ways if and encouraging staff to act with integrity