Partner Assault Response (PAR) Program – Personal and Professional Development

IBPD Partner Assault Response (PAR) Program can be prearranged as a precautionary measure for men who feel that they are in danger of assaulting their partners. Generally, Partner Assault Response (PAR) is a court-mandated domestic violence program that can be cost shared by the assaultive partners and or Family Court directed and or funded by. The IBPD Partner Assault Response (PAR) Program focuses on non-violent and non-controlling attitudes and behaviours from men and women who have assaulted or are at risk of assaulting their partners current, past and or in the future.

The program advocates and challenges assaultive men and women to recognize and accept responsibility for their assaultive behaviours . It looks at the belief systems that lead to their assaultive behavious and encourages the participants to change the belief systems that lead to their original beliefs. Emphases are on power and control issues that is the cornerstone of the behaviours. Paramount to the program is victim safety and confidentiality.

The duration of the training sessions is open to negotiation. Targets topics of interest include:

  • Types of abuse.
  • Non-physical abuse.
  • Effects of abuse.
  • Changing – self-talk.
  • Overcoming denial and taking responsibility.
  • Anger management.
  • Cycles of abuse.
  • Gender stereotypes.
  • Suppression of emotion.
  • Effects of abuse on children.
  • Helping children heal.
  • Healthy relationships.
  • Improving communication skills.
  • Making changes.
  • Male socialization.
  • Jealousy