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Idea Bankers & Professional Development International Inc (IBPD Inc) is an organization developed to meet and to promote economic and professional development needs, skill trade, vocational and cross-cultural exchange across the globe.

  • Demonstrated leaders in community planning
  • Premier source for labour market data for developing economy
  • Professionals in creating opportunities for value-added labour information for the government
  • Skill services professionals for Human and infrastructural development
  • Facilitators of sustainable dynamic workforce solutions through community partners, employers and government
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The objective of Idea Bankers & Professional Development International Inc (IBPD Inc) is building a sustainable bridge that connects the global divide through cross-cultural exchange across the globe. Our medium includes stakeholders, educational systems, and legitimately elected governments across the globe. We are headquartered in Ontario, Canada, and expanding offices in the United States and Nigeria. Our services range from Professional Development, skill trade, vocational training, cross-cultural exchange, Travel and Tourism.

FOCUS: Workshop and Seminars on
  • Focus on ways of strengthening business and investment across the world
  • Sourcing infrastructural and skills acquisition and vocational training for developing economy
  • Training on the many ways of attracting and retaining skilled diverse labour workforce
  • Assisting government on the prospects of making their jurisdictions the premier destination for P3 investors, entrepreneurs, investors
  • Strengthening agricultural sector and training on sustainable agricultural practices, renewable energy schemes
  • Training and certifying stakeholders on innovative approaches to government
  • We can also, professionally coordinate the needs of the state, employers and service providers
  • We identify local priorities through extensive research on all forms of Labour Market Information (LMI).
  • We Source sector specific qualified professional for particular kinds of initiative
  • We projections future demand in different occupations and identifying prospects, future demand and recommend the needs
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Our training initiatives preparing participants for careers of tomorrow, effectively sourcing and lobbying skills base and vocational training, needed resources, aligning strategic partnerships through private, public partnership (p3) projects. Our areas specializations are training Skilled Trades, Apprenticeship & Renewable Technology (Start).

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[pm_ln_quote_box author_name=”Durham” author_title=”Durham, Ontario Canada, Family Services Partner Assault Response Program” text_color=”#333354″ name_color=”#295d84″ avatar=”2297″]” Excellence“! Chudi Asidianya  a combination of “Excellence is potential chiseled into a more perfect state through vision, dedication and determination “[/pm_ln_quote_box]
[pm_ln_quote_box author_title=”Durham Region Local Training Board/La commission Locale Deformation De La Region De Durham is funded by Employment Ontario.” text_color=”#333354″ name_color=”#295d84″ avatar=”2297″]”As the Director Representing Racial minorities at the Durham Region Local Training Board/La commission Locale Deformation De La Region De Durham, Mr. Chudi Asidianya herewith recognized for his outstanding contribution to the Board from  May 2003 – June 2008 “[/pm_ln_quote_box]
[pm_ln_quote_box author_title=”CDCD” text_color=”#333354″ name_color=”#295d84″ avatar=”2297″]”Community Development Council recognizes Chudi Asidianya on his contribution over a 6 years period at the Community Development Council, Durham”[/pm_ln_quote_box]
[pm_ln_quote_box author_title=”Durham Regional Chairman & CEO/Chief Administrative Officer” text_color=”#333354″ name_color=”#295d84″ avatar=”2271″]”Service Excellent, “dedicated and faithful” certificate presented to Chudi Asidianya “in recognition of twenty five years of dedicated and faithful service”[/pm_ln_quote_box]
[pm_ln_quote_box author_title=”B. Hancock,Peaceful Families H & M Mediation. ” text_color=”#333354″ name_color=”#295d84″ avatar=”2297″]“Chudi is a respected family man, friend, neighbour social advocate and a community developer”. “The community will benefit immensely by electing him to the Whitby council; He has my vote and confidence”[/pm_ln_quote_box]
[pm_ln_quote_box author_title=”Esther Enyolu, Executive Director, Women’s Multicultural and Resource Centre -Durham Region of Durham” text_color=”#333354″ name_color=”#295d84″ avatar=”2297″]“Chudi is a man of integrity and a force to reckon with. He makes a great impact not only in the lives of people he touches but in Durham Region as a whole”[/pm_ln_quote_box]