1. To be the college representative promote the programs and the college with integrity and accuracy and recruit student in an honest, ethical and responsible manner
  2. To perform Services in the regions as specified in the contractual agreement from the Commencement Date and or the Term in the agreement
  3. Act in an honest, ethical and responsible manner on behalf of Durham College, as set out in the terms of this agreement
  4. Promote the full time registered Programs offered by Durham College and made available to International students, in the geographic region(s) specified in 2.1; (b) In accordance with the college Procedures and requirements recruit eligible students
  5. Provide all necessary information about Durham College programs
  6. Provide assistance in completing the Durham College application process and collating all required supporting documents, and submitting completed application package to Durham College
  7. Screen all potential applicants to ensure their eligibility to enter Canada on a student authorization or visa; (e)
  8. At all times act with integrity and honesty.


In performing the Services, the Agent shall: (a) promote the programs and the college with integrity and accuracy and recruit student in an honest, ethical and responsible manner; (b) The Agent shall give to prospective students, before they complete an application, information provided to the Agent by Durham College regarding: a. Durham College and its facilities, equipment and learning resources b. The Programs c. The Program fees and refund conditions d. Living in Canada and the local environment of the relevant campus, including information about campus location and cost of living; e. The minimum level of English language ability, educational qualifications and work experience required for acceptance into a Program; f. Canadian study permit requirements which must be satisfied by the student. This can only be done by reference to the material provided by Durham College. (c) assist to uphold the high reputation of Durham College and of the Canadian international education sector; (d) ensure that relevant fees and charges accompany the application and/or the acceptance of offer documents; (e) if a student’s visa application is refused, advise the student that Durham College will refund fees directly to the person who has paid them, not the agent, in accordance with the refund policy (f) ensure that the contact address and email address of the student is included on the application form;

(g) make sure that all the required evidence and documents accompany a student’s application or acceptance offer; (h) provide all necessary assistance and information to students to progress their admission to Durham College; (i) provide any documents received from Durham College to the student within 3 working days of receiving them; (j) provide Durham college with market intelligence about the recruitment of students as requested; (k) only undertake promotional and marketing activities that are connected to or make reference to Durham College that are expressly authorized by Durham College; (l) ensure all information, newsletters and updates communicated by Durham College are received and noted by staff in direct contact with potential students; (m) submit student applications following the procedures specified by Durham College. 3.2 The Agent shall not: (a) engage in any dishonest practices, including suggesting to prospective students that they can come to Canada on a study permit with intent other than to undertake study. (b) facilitate applications for students who are not genuine students or are at risk of breaching visa requirements; (c) recruit students from any other country other than those specified in this agreement; (d) make any representation or offer any guarantees to students about whether they will be granted a study permit; (e) engage in false or misleading advertising or recruitment practices; (f) make any false or misleading comparisons with any other education provider or their Programs; (g) make any inaccurate claims of association of Durham College with any other education provider; (h) give inaccurate information to a prospective student about acceptance into a Program for which they applies or into any other Program; (i) undertake any advertising or promotional activity about the Programs, or Durham College without the prior written consent of Durham College. Advertising or promotional activities will be at the Agent’s expense unless otherwise agreed by the Agent in writing; (j) give inaccurate information to a prospective student about the fees and charges payable to Durham College; and further (k) commit Durham College to accept any prospective student into a Program and must not make representations to the contrary; (l) receive or bank any fees or charges payable to Durham College by a prospective student or deduct any amount from such fees or charges; (m) use any registered or unregistered mark of Durham College without the prior written consent of Durham College. 3.3 The Agent shall indemnify Durham College for any loss, cost or damage that Durham College suffers as a result of the Agent’s breach to this Agreement.